Jason E. Weber is a multi-disciplinary artist with a focus in live performance media and digital art. Professionally, Jason has worked as a theatrical sound, lighting, and projections designer in New York, Chicago, and Boston. In addition to this work in the traditional theatre, he has also worked on a series of independent projects that explore performance in different modes combing real-time input with pre-programmed digital interfaces. His work explores the relationship between the artist and the audience and how technology can mediate or eliminate distance in that relationship. Further, he is interested in the blending of the traditional crafts and the digital reality of the contemporary world. Believing in the importance of the scholar-artist dynamic, Jason approaches his work from a practice-as-research modality. His art informs his academic research and his academic research informs his art. Specific areas of focus have included Collaborative Devising, Authoethnography in Community Theatre, and the Acoustic Perception of the Deaf Community.

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